Machine-gun ownership has never been outlawed by the federal government as many people believe. In 1934, president Roosevelt signed the 1934 National Firearms Act into law. It was brought about with pressure from constitutionally ignorant politicians after the Kansas City massacre and recommendation from J. Edgar Hoover, then head of the FBI. Basically, the law put a $200 tax on any machine-gun purchased. Later a tax was put any short-barreled shotgun purchased. This tax would be paid to the federal government and federal approval of the gun sale was also needed. A machine-gun is described in federal law as a firearm that fires more than one round per single pull of the trigger. 


Some common myths about machine gun ownership:

    No, There is a one time tax that must be paid to BATFE when you apply to have the registration transferred to your name. There is no ongoing yearly fee charged by the BATFE. For machine guns, suppressors, short barrel shotguns, short barrel rifles and destructive devices, there is a one time $200 tax in addition to the purchase price of the firearms. For AOW (Any Other Weapon) firearms, there is a $5 transfer tax.

    And having legally registered NFA items in your home does not give the BATFE or the police the right to enter at will.


    Tarrant county sheriff, Denton county, and Keller will sign your forms...find out before buying an expensive item you may not be able to own.